Meet the team behind Arriber

Our team of consultants realizes your wishes and needs before expansion, during execution, and after establishment.

We believe that Danish companies should expand into more international markets.

It is a complex process that we want to make easy and tangible. We have spent time examining the issues of international expansion. 

The result was that Danish companies often fail in international markets because they need to sufficiently familiarized themselves with the culture, language, and the way things are done in a given market. 

Cultural and language barriers often jeopardize access and networking in a new market. 

“Your network is your net worth.” 

We have chosen to take up the challenge. Therefore, we have spent a lot of time improving our skills in internationalization for the Spanish and German markets. 

We speak the local language, understand the local culture, and have for several years built up a network that can be your access to Germany or Spain. 

Specifically, we act as your company's extended arm for a faster and better market entry. 

The name Arriber comes from the Spanish word "Arriba," which means up – and this is precisely the direction we set for your business to grow internationally.

The Team

Frederik Riber Larsen

Chief Vision Officer

Frederik is our sales, internationalization, and international networking expert. With his background from Copenhagen Business School and experience from The Trade Council in Barcelona, he is responsible for realizing the vision and customer contact, marketing, and partnerships.

Alexander Friis Sharif

Business Analyst

Alexander specializes in business development and growth strategy, working daily with the company's R&D. With a background in Technology Entrepreneurship from Danish Technical University and experience in several leading positions, he is responsible for conducting day-to-day operations, executing business proposals, and creating strategic partnerships.

Simon Holm Madsen

Head of Germany

Simon is our German expert. He has hands-on German business experience from The Trade Council in Berlin and commercial background from Copenhagen Business School. With Simon’s high knowledge, network, and expertise from collaborations with several companies, he advises on market access to Germany.  

Matias Vidal Andersen

Head of Spain

Matias specializes in the Spanish market and has a background from Copenhagen Business School. He has a broad cultural understanding, network, and internal knowledge of the Spanish market. Matias has his roots in the sunny island of Mallorca, and speaks both Catalan and Spanish, and he will advise your company on market access to Spain.

Diego Gonzalez Forero

Advisor for Spanish markets

Diego specializes in Spanish-speaking markets. He has an academic and commercial background from Copenhagen Business School in Business, Language, and Culture focused on Spanish-speaking markets. Diego holds both a bachelor's and a master's degree from Copenhagen Business School. He has experience from The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) in the global market development department.

Advisory Board

Arriber has teamed up with experienced business people to provide the best possible advice. Our consultants have the drive, passion, and ambition to succeed. Our advisors will contribute with their broad network and relevant experience. This creates an outstanding balance in the company and the right conditions to succeed abroad. 

Klaus Baagøe-Nielsen

Klaus har med succes opbygget forretning i Danmark og i det meste af verden gennem sin karriere i en række brancher, senest som VP Sales & Marketing i en international servicekoncern med fokus på digitalisering. Klaus har arbejdet med produktlanceringer, konceptudvikling, strategi for hvordan gå til marked og hvordan sælge værdi- og videns baseret. Klaus har uddannet sælgere i store dele af verden og coachet datterselskaber / branch-offices og start-ups i, hvordan organisere sig for at lykkes fremadrettet med at nå firmaets målsætning.

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