It is not what you do - but how you do it

Export advice before, during, and after the implementation to the new market. Our services are focused but not limited to the language, culture, and the company’s potential in any given market.

The Journey

1. Contact

If you are ready for an adventure, do not hesitate to contact us for a non-committal meeting at or call us at +45 40 36 12 00.

2. Expansion Analysis

We will set up a non-committal meeting with your company to discuss your strategy for new relevant markets. Together we will identify how our specific competencies can help your company expand into relevant markets.

3. Profile Match

When your company is ready to begin the expansion process, a suitable consultant will be assigned to the project. We agree on an estimated timeframe for your expansion plan.

4. Executing The Expansion Plan

The consultant starts the project and will have clear communication with your company during the project on an ongoing basis. Your assigned consultant will follow your business until you are fully equipped to enter the desired market.

5. Collaboration Ends And Your Have Success In A New Market

Your business is now ready to grow in the new market! Our collaboration ends here, but the consultant can always be hired again if needed in the future.  

We become a success when you have become successful. We succeed through collaboration. 

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